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Brad Freeman

Enduro Racer - England

Brad Freeman, eight-time world Enduro Champion, approached us to construct a MAN TGE XLWB that catered to his specific needs. Brad required a garage with specialized specifications, a solar system to provide off-grid power, and all the necessary components for extended racing trips. After careful consideration, he selected the impressive MAN TGE 180 Auto as the foundation for his van. This exceptional base vehicle seamlessly combines excellent drivability with stylish design that complements any top-tier worldwide facility

Ella Lucia Racing

Kart Racer - England

Ella Lucia, a promising karting prodigy, possesses exceptional skill on track. The requirements for her customized build encompassed various high-level karting necessities. These included ample space, a roof pod, a dedicated karting garage, and a comprehensive off-grid solar system with a Victron setup. This setup proved invaluable in maintaining the optimal condition of all batteries when a generator or power hookup was unavailable. Furthermore, we co-designed a racking system capable of accommodating two karts, spare wheels, tires, tools, fuel, and spare parts. This fully personalized system was tailored to meet Ella’s team’s specific requirements, ensuring that everything was securely and snugly in place. To meet these needs, we provided a brand-new XLWB MAN TGE 180 DSG Auto base van in the popular dark grey.

Levi Day

BSB rider - Support England

Levi Day is a great guy both in and out the paddock. Levi cut his teeth in the 2T leagues of Australia before coming to the UK and and dedicating himself to BSB, firstly Tri-options Ducati and then the Powerslide Suzuki 1000 stock championship. We have enjoyed supporting Levi, he is great rider.

Adam Extance

Enduro Racer - Wales

Adam, an extraordinary talent in the disciplines of Enduro, Speedway, and BSB, as well as the son of the legendary Dakar rider Mick Extance, approached us for a customized build of a Transit Custom SWB X-space. His objective was to have a van that could accommodate his demanding Enduro series in both local and European locations. Adam’s requirements focused on efficiently fitting all the necessary components for extended stays in a compact van. To meet his needs, we provided him with a pop-up roof to create additional sleeping space, well-designed cabinetry equipped with kitchen appliances, and an integrated Diesel heating system to combat the cold winter nights. Additionally, we ensured that the bed was removable to allow for additional seating when he wasn’t transporting his enduro bikes.

Eddie Doherty

Rally Driver - Ireland

Eddie Doherty – Rally Conversion

Eddie wanted his vision met for a bespoke Off Rd style conversion which matched his needs and delivered a certain finish! We delivered that vision and the final result was epic! Look forward to seeing Eddie flying round Ireland in his Escorts and Skodas soon!

Elfyn Evans

Rally Driver - Wales

This man needs no introduction, if you follow WRC then you know who he is! An exceptional talent in the world of Rally! Elfyn wanted us to deliver a van that was both practical for his needs and kept up with the demand of the world circuit. No doubt the world championship will be his very soon.

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